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To Do List: Stock Alert - My item and Supplier's Item Numbers

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I would love to see the item number displayed in the stock alert, not just the item name. We have a lot of items with the same name but different item numbers so this is very useful to us.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion. Including the item numbers in the stock alert would certainly help many users to differentiate the listed items. If you'd like to see this change, please cast your vote here.

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Another example of how much of a dismal failure MYOB has become.

Inventory is an absolute joke!

Basic functionality like this should be a very simple thing to fix IF the software has been designed correctly. Yet a request from nearly 5 years ago still has not been able to be achieved.

Realistically, we should not need to request specific changes to every single window or report like this! There is no reason why a well designed software should not have the same "select columns to view/arrange" that is applicable, avaliable in every single window / report.

Starting to seem like MYOB is being held back not only by its idiology of the way they priorities updates (to favour accountants and book keepers rather than real world business users), but by its raw structure of its DB and its lack of future viability.

It seems the days of persisting on "future updates" are somewhat pointless because MYOB neither cares about their users, or seems to have the ability to respond to our requests for basic functionality.

Time to jump ship lads and ladettes!!!