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To Do List - Stock Alert

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When generating a PO from the To Do List - Stock Alert in AR19.7, the items fill the PO in the following order:

1, the item that you initiated the PO with by hitting the drill-down arrow

2, all other items on the Stock Alert list that you buy from that supplier in alphabetical order.


I don't know if this is the same in AR2012 - I'll let you know when I can get the To Do List to work!


I would prefer to see the items populate the PO in supplier's part number order. It would reduce errors when someone is reading and entering the data from the PO at the supplier's end.

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I agree! something needs to be done about this! MYOB need to give us the option of selecting how we would like to sort-by or order our parts e.g alpha or numeric.

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+1 RayJordan

+1 Jasonh93


I have hundreds of items with more than 10 suppliers. It is very hard to go one by one.

Also is there anyway that we can see item number on stock alert screen rather than item description?
This will help a lot while MYOB Team is working on this issue (if they are doing).

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We have 3500+ items and around 100 suppliers.


The inability of AR2013 to create a multiple item PO from the Stock Alert list (as is standard with AR19.9 and previous versions) is the major roadblock for me in switching to AR2013 from AR19.9.


Allowing the user to change the order of items listed (by my part number, supplier's part number or description) on the PO would also be very nice.


Please make it happen.

(edited 2000+ items to 3500+ items)


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Unfortunately I switched from AR19.10 to AR2014.3 then AR2014.4 now AR2015 and that problem still has not been corrected.

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 Hi @DerekRaine

Thank you for your comments.

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Now running 2015.3.17.3339 and the problem still exists

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Hi @DerekRaine,


I'd just like to confirm, are you clicking on the arrow next to a stock item? This will create a purchase order for only the selected item.


On the right hand side of the screen there will be a series of checkboxes, could you try ticking them and then click Order/Build?

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Hi Emile,


This has been a problem since moving from v19.10 to AR2014


I can tick multiple items on the todo list from the same supplier but it will randomly miss items from the order.


Note that v19 used to work perfectly.

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Hello @DerekRaine

I apologise for the delay in getting back to you on this. In previous versions only the selected item would be included in an order, rather than all items from a supplier. This problem has been resolved and no longer occurs. There is a separate issue where items where the on hand quantity is currently higher from than the restocking level, but current sales orders would bring the on hand level below the restocking level, won't appear or orders. This is likely why you've seen some items note carrying through. our developers are aware of this issue and we are looking into correcting it.