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Up-date Item cost for recurring

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Moving into the new financial year we have updated pricing on vairous items in the Inventory items list. Unfortunately all our recurring transactions remain at the old pricing, therefore we still have to manually update each recurring transaction - good opportunity to overlook and create a mistake. What is the use of updating the price if it doesn't update all the entries?

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Oh my goodness yes! We overtype the code to the line aboves code which updates it but you can't overtype the code with the same code otherwise it doesn't update. Totally painful and we also have issues with customer level pricing not pulling through onto recurring sales so we have to have the same sale for each pricing level which then all need to be updated with price changes

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Completely agree, @mumow - really disappointing that there isn't functionality to mass-update pricing on recurring transactions. We're in the middle of doing the same thing, and consequently need to manually update each transaction. 


Have been googling a workaround for this for over an hour now. Seems it's something that people have been suggesting since they changed it years ago.