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Use of basic keystrokes





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I'm finding the new Account Right terribly slow to work with as it depends totally on the use of the mouse and disregards some basic keyboard keys (and no, I'm not talking about short cuts to perform certain commands within MYOB).


Can one no longer press Page Down/Up on the keyboard to scroll through a page? I have to interrupt my typing and move my hand off the keyboard and to my mouse, click on the drag tool on the right, drag the screen down, hands back to keyboard to continue. Seems like nothing, but it takes time and is rather heavy on my shoulders when a simply strike of the Page Down button would do the job in all other applications.


Also, the need to have to click in the tiny little box when selecting accounts - busy typing account number and as soon as it appears I want to hit enter and select it. Instead I have to stop typing, move hand to mouse, find the cursor somewhere on the screen and then very delicately aim for the tiny block to select, and again click on Run Report. A mere strike of Enter would suffice without my hands having to leave the keyboard.


In the old MYOB one could hold down the shift key and select multiple accounts. Now I have to click click click each account individually in their own little tick box. Terribly time consuming if I need the GL for say, 20 different accounts.


Working MYOB on a laptop is incredibly hard and time consuming too given a laptop's small touch pad.


Please could MYOB bring back the basic use of the keyboard's very standard keys? (Page Up/Down, End, tab, shift, space bar, Enter...)