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User Access: Adjust default user roles





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The ability to distinguish what privileges are given to an employee within each category need to be more detailled like they were in the older versions.


You may want to give someone access to sales to do invoicing only, but not want them to view any reports or be able to create credit notes.


You may want to give limited access in banking, eg spend and receive money transactions or prepare bank deposit but keep them out of reconciliations.


At the moment the user choice is all or nothing.

'Users - Security Settings, Access and Privileges"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2014

Thanks again for all your comments and votes. We have improved user access controls in AccountRight 2014.2. We hope the new functionality makes business life easier for you.

Partner ASWatCR
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I hope MYOB is able to understand the frustration you are now in. 


There have been other posts regarding the authorisation levels in AR2012 and it isn extremley important issue for business from a control perspective. 


Hopefully MYOB can "re-introduce" the authorisation functionality that the software previously had (one might think should never have been changed/taken away in the first place).



Trusted User Julie_B
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Hi Luke - may I suggest you vote on the following link - 28 of us have already but I haven't seen or heard where MYOB are looking at this.  This totally screws up what we were hoping to achieve with AR Live - user access needs to be defined by the administrator - not in roles.


Smiley Happy

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These are all great examples, i have many clients that fall within most of the examples provided. as the BAS Agent, most only what the owner/director and myself to access the 'confidential' information with staff only having data entry type roles. great idea

Former Staff JasonHill
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Thanks for your feedback. We plan to implement more control over user roles in a future update of the new AccountRight.
Partner PaulDrendel1
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This has been a deal breaker for one of my clients. They have been using ARLive for about 2 weeks - all going well, unitl they realised that their admin staff could not be restricted from seeing bank a/c balances. Previously, they were excluded from Receiving Payments & Paying Bills, but could Enter Sales & Purchases. Now, it is either all, or nothing. They are going back to v19 until this can be changed, and now have to re-enter 2 weeks worth of data. Smiley Sad

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I need an employee to be able to enter outgoings in the banking window, but not see details of anything she has not entered.  Currently the banking user profile gives her complete access to all other transactions, including salary payments etc.

Alternatively, we do have two bank accounts, and I would be happy if she could access all areas of one of those accounts, but the other where I control customer payments and wages needs to be totally unavailable.

Ultimate Partner Murray_McKenzie
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Please bring back the old way of setting User Security

We used to be able to give or deny access to specific tasks

Frequently want to restrict users from just 1 or 2 tasks (such as lock/unlock periods) and the new "roles" structure does not suit


MYOB Exo Business has extensive abilities to set user access, V19.5 had wide abilities.


Please restore this capacity in 2012.x

Trusted User Julie_B
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If you do a search for "users" you will see a post that has 33 votes on it.  It's in the planning stage.

Super Partner GDK
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Are you going to implement read only functions and make user roles like in Zero ? From an security perspective, the current user roles implementation will cause problems with employees accessing information they should not. Companies using this version will need to enable auditing and monitor the audit log and make sure that backups are correctly maintained
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Having a setting to enable a user to be able to add/modify to Jobs/Items/Activities would also be useful. I have sales staff who enter their invoices but just with the 'Sales' user access they are unable to add a Job Number. The only user level that can add a Job Number is 'Administrator' or 'Bookeeper' which basically gives the user full access to the entire file.


In my opinion User levels in MYOB as they are, are totally useless. MYOB please more granular access options!