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User Access: Adjust default user roles





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The ability to distinguish what privileges are given to an employee within each category need to be more detailled like they were in the older versions.


You may want to give someone access to sales to do invoicing only, but not want them to view any reports or be able to create credit notes.


You may want to give limited access in banking, eg spend and receive money transactions or prepare bank deposit but keep them out of reconciliations.


At the moment the user choice is all or nothing.

'Users - Security Settings, Access and Privileges"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2014

Thanks again for all your comments and votes. We have improved user access controls in AccountRight 2014.2. We hope the new functionality makes business life easier for you.

MYOB Staff Post xAndy
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The access levels in the AccountRight 2013 software restrict users from functions that they should have acess to.


For example, my client will have someone bring in a job to be done, so they can track the profitibilty on this job, they need to create a job to track purcahses and sales against this work.


The users that will be doing this are the Sales users and they cant not create new jobs, only the Administrator can do this. So they then need to get a manager off the factory floor to come and log in, setup a new job, then get back to his normal job - this isn't making life any easier.


We need to be able to customise the restrictions against a user like we could with the older software for when the default categories are not providing enough or too much security.

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All of our staff have access to MYOB AccountRight Plus Live 2013 to enter their timesheets at the end of each day. I have assigned the 'Time Billing' role to each staff member to enable them to do this however under that role they still have the ability to view practice wide time billing reports which are confidential. We need more control over the ability to turn on or off the reporting features across the whole program.



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In future updates it would be great if we could have the option to be more specific with user access rights.  Our non-Administrator users require access to our Jobs under the Lists menu and the only way they can have this is if they are given full access rights.  Jobs is one of the most important functionalities for our Project Managers but on the other hand, they do not require access to payroll and banking.  This is a privacy issue from management also.  



Partner ASWatCR
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This is not the first time I have seen user restrictions/priviledges discussed on the forum.  I hope MYOB can introduce better functionaility in this regard. I have voted for this.

Partner ASWatCR
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Agree - far more flexibility/control is needed over what staff can/can not do. I have voted for it.

Partner Marlcomp
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Sales Access requires the ability to create/edit Job Numbers at the moment this can only be done by Accountant/Bookkeeper and this opens up access to areas we do not want the majority of the staff using.  But do not require the Bookkeeper to waste her time creating New Jobs all the time for the Sales Staff.

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Some staff members have a bad habit of deleting item numbers while looking in myob.

I can't restrict access to item numbers, because then they need to look at pricing levels.

These people really only "Look" at myob and then run reports or answer customer queries. No invoicing etc.

Why can't we have a LOOK ONLY access for them.

Trusted Cover User SRK
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Trusted Cover User

I would like our sales administrator to be able to set up new jobs so she can create the invoice.  She cannot do this at the moment and the next level of access is too high.  I have to set up the job for her which is inconvenient for a quick turnaround.


Ideally I would like her to be able to customise invoices as well but this is not as much of a priority.

Trusted User DeanG
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In the older Version 19 softwares there were more options to setup user access, with the new software there is no ability to give them access to accounts, but not payroll or sales.

Contributing Partner MissJade88
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Im having another problem with user access, even though everything but payroll has been selected in this particular users access they still cant see the accounts list. 


Can there just be a selection similar to pervious versions to just select the specific access you want people to have or by tab ie when you select everything but payroll thats what they get access to but they can access everything else.