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User Access: See who is currently in the file - active workstations




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  1. Could MYOB Tech guys please set up a function where the Administrator can see who is actually online using the data file?  Or is there a way to see that now? 


"Users Online"


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thanks for the suggestion Kathavachat. Any other users interested in this, please vote for this idea.

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It is very difficult now with V2016 AccountRight to know who is logged in when doing backups, etc.

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Hi MYOB Developers,


Where can I see the Active Work Station or those people who are logged on to MYOB in Accountright 2019.


It used to be under File/Active Work Station, in AccountRight V19,  it's gone in AccountRight 2019.


It's very important, please put it back.



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Hello @AidaMaglasang 

I too am annoyed that it is now missing, but there is a way to see who is on the file.

Go to File /  Work offline.

there you will see who is connected -


Then just Cancel out.

Note - it is however possible for more than one person to be using the same User ID at the same time - not like on the Classic versions.



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Anyone know where there has been any progress with this

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Hello @HWTURN  and others.


There are already two ways to see who is on the MYOB Data File.

1. Go to File / Work Offline. You will see the other active users.


when done simply click Cancel.

2. Go to Reports / Accounts / Security & Audit / Session Security Audit. This report lists when users logon and off among other things.


I hope this helps,

Cheers David