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I have issues post emailing of customer statements at the end of the month. Getting quite a number coming back asking for invoices they don't have, but are showing on the statement.


There are a number of us that process invoices, and have checked and confirmed that they email invoices out of MYOB, and in that case it would be the email address on the customer card.


We also have the issue where some customers outsource their accounting to a 3rd party and when invoices are generated two emails have to be sent. One to purchasing and one to accounts. At the moment this second email is done manually from Outlook.


What I would like to do is in the Email box (Customer Card) have the ability to add multiple email address, at the moment MYOB doesn't allow this to happen.


Outlook and all the other email programs allow this happen through the use of ";" as the email address separator. This would allow me to have accounts[@]myob[.]com[.]au ; accounts[@]"my company"[.]com[.]au ; Purchasin[@]qantas[.]com[.]au This way the invoice would get mailed to their accounts department, my accounts email, and the purchasing department. Also by adding it to the card box I don't have to worry about other failing to add emails for each invoice thereafter.


This now allows me to go through the email history and confirm one way or the other that invoices where or where not email to accounts. I have had a couple of very upset accounts people come back and complain that we didn't send them invoices, and on these occasions I know I sent them and went through my sent box and forwarded this to them, they quickly back down after that.


But as mentioned there are a few of us that do invoices so it would be nice that everyones emails are also sent to our accounts email so that I can always confirm or deny emails were sent...or not.


The ability to allow this should be straight forward and hope that this suggestion is taken up.