2021.1 MYOB Forced Upgrade

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2021.1 MYOB Forced Upgrade



I came in this morning to find we could not get into MYOB. 

We had customers waiting to place orders and staff not able to access the file.   


We were not aware of this "forced" upgrade. 

I am the main contact for MYOB and I have checked through my emails along with emails in "junk" and we certainly did not receive this.  


You would think that in the email that we have received regarding automatic updates in future - 

"What's new in AccountRight"  MYOB would make if very clear that the old versions are being decommissioned.


I guess now we wont be able to wait for MYOB to sort out the normal bugs in upgrades which is why we normally wait to upgrade, we have spent alot of time in the past re-adjusting customised forms etc.


Very poor communication from MYOB.



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Re: 2021.1 Forced Upgrade

No e-mail here either!  Not in junk, not anywhere!  No advice received at all & I AM THE PRIMARY CONTACT!  

We too are still running 2020.3 having been too worried to move to 2020.4 given the release, then retraction of 2020.4 due to too many issues with the version.

The first thing we knew about this decommissioning was that we couldn't get into our MYOB this morning, 2/3/21.  There was no warning yesterday.  Today we are faced with an 'upgrade or be locked out'! 

A bit rich considering that we pay for the privilege!

After over 25 years supporting MYOB, I feel shafted by the forced updates and early decommissioning with no notice, given MYOB's somewhat less than appealing record of update problems and associated arrogance.

Such a shame, MYOB was great once.

Perhaps MYOB will take notice when customers start walking to the other providers who do listen to their client base ... 


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Re: 2021.1 MYOB Forced Upgrade

Hi @Archskirt01 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight 2020.3 decommissioning.


For the current decommissioning we have adopted an in-product message style approach for decommissioning to alert those users that their version is being decommissioned. This is also in addition to our Community Forum post i.e. AccountRight 2020.2, 2020.3 and 2020.4 Scheduled decommissioning. With that being said, we have passed the feedback we've received on this to the required team.


Going forward, we do recommend upgrading to AccountRight 2021.1. for continuing access to your online company file. Getting the latest version would be able to assist with that process.

Kind regards,

MYOB Community Support

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Re: 2021.1 MYOB Forced Upgrade

This is rubbish from MYOB. I have supported MYOB for 12 years and every upgrade has to be 'managed' to minimise disruption. I have 12 computers that need updating and this consumes 1 to 2.5hours each time. 

I always update but delay until I have time in my day and a gap in our workload to do this without having my staff and customers standing around waiting to be told they can use the computers again. MYOB has never before stopped access and forced customers to update. Think about what you are doing MYOB you are interfering with peoples ability to run their businesses. You are supposed to be making it eaiser...

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Re: 2021.1 MYOB Forced Upgrade

@daveo12 wrote:

You are supposed to be making it eaiser...

they are making it easier...for them


Not having to maintain multiple versions greatly simplifies their development and deployments...too bad for the clients if the release has any issues or critical bugs

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