AccountRight 2019.1 Scheduled Decommissioning

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AccountRight 2019.1 Scheduled Decommissioning

Hello Everyone


With the release of AccountRight 2019.3, customers using AccountRight 2019.1 must update their software by November 7th 2019 to continue accessing their online company file. 


To give you the best possible performance from AccountRight, we only keep the most recent versions in the cloud. This does mean that as new releases become available, you may need to update your software to keep working smoothly.


To assist with this, we have prepared this guide to help you upgrade to AccountRight 2019.3.



 Not sure what version of AccountRight you’re using? It’s easy to check. Just open AccountRight and go to the Help menu > About MYOB AccountRight:








If you’re using the version above, you’ll need to update before November 7, 2019 to continue using your file




What do I need to do before I update?


Before you update to the latest version, you need to make sure your file is checked in. To check your file in, please go to File >> Check In from within your checked-out file.


How do I update to the latest version?


If you have a current subscription and you’re not on the latest version, you’ll be prompted to update when you open AccountRight. You just need to click Update to download and install the update.


However, if you don’t see an update prompt when you open AccountRight, you can download it from my.MYOB:

  • Download the latest version from my.MYOB (Australia | New Zealand). Our help article Downloading from my.MYOB has a really great guide on how to do this.
  • Install the downloaded update. If you aren’t sure how to do this, then please have a look at our help article  

After installing the update, open your company file in the new version and then click the Yes, upgrade to 2019.3 button






Why am I receiving an AccountRight needs updating error?



It means that the version of AccountRight you are using has been decommissioned and you will need to upgrade to AccountRight 2019.3 to continue using your file.


If you have previously installed AccountRight 2019.3, then there will be a new icon on your desktop for this version. Please make sure that you are clicking on the AccountRight 2019.3 icon and not a previously installed version.


Who can upgrade my online file?

Online Administrators and Online Owners are the only ones who have the authority to upgrade an online file.


I was trying to upgrade my file and received an error about needing an AccountRight Live Administrator

This means the email address you have signed in with is not recognised as either an online owner or administrator and won’t be able to upgrade the file. In this instance you will need to speak to the person who invited you to the online file and get them to upgrade the file for you.


What if I need more help?


Check out our help article, Installation troubleshooting, if you encounter any issues when trying to install the update, or alternatively feel free to post your questions below so we can assist


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