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Dear MYOB Support

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Dear MYOB Support

Dear MYOB Support Team,


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my concern over the recent challenges I've encountered with the MYOB software, particularly the issue where the file remained stuck in an upgrade state without any actual upgrade being initiated. Despite reaching out through the community forum and direct support channels, the silence in response has been deafening. I am pleased I can now access my file, leading me to believe this was a system error which is what it definitely reflected.


There was a time when MYOB's support was exemplary, a beacon of assistance that shone particularly during the reduced weekend hours allocated for Partners. As a long-standing Partner, who has consistently invested in the subscription, it is disheartening to witness a shift in the value of the service provided. The expectation of receiving a level of support commensurate with our investment seems to be dwindling.


MYOB used to stand tall above its competitors, like Xero, offering a sense of security and dependability akin to a warm, cozy blanket. While Xero has been lauded for its innovation and automation, MYOB excelled with its steadfast reliability and outstanding support. The competition spurred by Xero once served as a healthy challenge, pushing MYOB to new heights of excellence.


Regrettably, it seems that the tides have turned. MYOB now appears less stable, encumbered by more frequent issues, and I lament that it has lost the very essence of what once made it superior - its reliability and exceptional support system. This erosion of core values is palpable and profoundly felt by those of us who have been part of the MYOB journey for years.


I yearn for the days when MYOB's support was a cornerstone of its reputation. It is my sincere hope that this message catalyzes a reflection on the quality of service and support, inspiring a return to the standards that once set MYOB apart from the rest.


Thank you for taking the time to consider my feedback. I look forward to a resolution and a revival of the MYOB experience we all knew and valued.

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Re: Dear MYOB Support

Hi @NikkiParsons,


Thank you for sharing your heartfelt and detailed message in expressing your concern about your recent experiences and longing for the exceptional support MYOB was known for in the past. We appreciate and value you as our partner, and we thank you for your continuous support. You've been loyal to us, and you deserve a seamless support and service experience. We apologize that we're not able to address your concern right away.


Your feedback highlights the shift in the quality of support and stability of the software, noting that these changes have affected the essence of what once made MYOB stand out. It's clear that you're not just expressing frustration but also a genuine desire to see MYOB reclaim its former reputation and standards. It's courageous to share your thoughts constructively, and rest assured that we take your feedback seriously. We will be passing this message along to the appropriate team.


Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated. Once again, we thank you for expressing your insights to us. Please don't hesitate to reach out again if you encounter any issues or concerns in the future. We're always here to help and ensure that your concerns are addressed thoroughly.




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Re: Dear MYOB Support

That was Novomber and it is now January - What specific steps have been taken to improve cusomter support since then?

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