Do I add the account right file to the library on each terminal server we have

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Do I add the account right file to the library on each terminal server we have

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Re: Do I add the account right file to the library on each terminal server we have

Hello @WendyMorgan 


Please see our Help Articles on Setting up a Network and Managing Libraries. Specifically, the Setting up a Network article will outline how you can install the server edition on your server computer. The server is where you’ll store the company files you want to share with others on your network. This can be a dedicated computer that just sits in the corner of your office, or a PC that’s used throughout the day. You'll then add the applicable AccountRight company files to that server.


You'll then need to install AccountRight on each client computer that will access the AccountRight server. There’s an installer designed for client computers called the PC Installer. Download links for both the server and PC can be found in that help article. You will then add a Network Library to the client computers which will allow them to network with the server. 


Please do have a thorough read of the Help Article as it will explain things in much greater detail with step by step instructions. Do let us know how you get on with this and if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

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Re: Do I add the account right file to the library on each terminal server we have

Hi @WendyMorgan 


Though Emily is sort of right she hasn't quite answered your question.


Your question was related to a Terminal Server - in that every user (I pressume) logs onto the terminal server and their local PC is merely used to logon i.e . it is acting dumb.


If this is the case - and you only have 1 server (that is also acting as a Terminal Server) then you do not need to onstall AR 2020.3 SE on this server - however all your files need to be on this server - if your data repository is a network resource this will not work. You will need SE version on this server.


Further if you now run a 2nd TS - you do not install any MYOB files on the 2nd server - just install the SE version on the 1st Server - on the 2nd server you can install either version - but the important version is the SE version on Server 1.


You will then be able to see all your files and open them on the 2nd TS, all the files on the 1st server and if you so desire you could acutally install a PC version on a desktop (which I would not as you are running TS) which gets around the lag and problem of streaming data over a network.


However you could.


The Doc

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Re: Do I add the account right file to the library on each terminal server we have

Hi all, if only ONE terminal server is involved, and the AccountRIght Library will be on that server, then all that is required is:

- install the MSI version, which will install the PC edition to all user profiles

- create the library in a shared location, thus accessible to all terminal services users. 


MYOB's instructions for the MSI installer are a must-read, here:


You may also need to tweak the settings (group policies?) to allow only certain users to access AccountRIght.



Regards, Mike (
DataWise Limited (, developers of:
DataWise Report Writer - Custom Reporting from MYOB programs
(Including AccountRight Classic/Live, and exo Payroll)

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