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Email address that invoices are sent from

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Email address that invoices are sent from

Since the last upgade of our file my invoices and payslips now have a from address of etc.  I am finding that this email address is going to most peoples junk mail.


I need it to come from our accounts email address as it was. I hve had to change the preference to sending from outlook, but this takes forever with the amount of invoices and payslips I send out. 


Can this be changed back to sending from my email address directly from MYOB?

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Re: Email address that invoices are sent from

Hello @Selenab 


Emails sent from AccountRight are delivered on your behalf using MYOB’s email server. Emails sent from the domain are digitally signed using a Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) signature and the domain is protected by the Sender Policy Framework (SPF).


These measures reduce the risk of phishing, and emails sent from AccountRight are less likely to be considered spam by your recipient’s email service.


Some email services won’t accept messages that are sent on behalf of someone else. For example, emails that have an From address, but are delivered using another email provider’s mail server could be marked as spam or be blocked by the recipient’s email provider.


To avoid these issues, AccountRight’s emails are sent from MYOB’s verified email server and have an From address.

If your users are finding this in their spam messages, they will need to mark the email address as not spam.

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Kind regards,

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