Forced update coming to SE version - need clarification

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Forced update coming to SE version - need clarification

Our myob file is not in the cloud. We use the desktop version on the desktops and communicating to a server that has the file and Myob SE


I was hoping to be more in control of what version of the software ran on my network with installing the SE version on the desktop and bypassing the autoupdate feature but now it seems as though the forced update coming to the SE version as well. I am very hesitant to just blindly upgrade the version the moment it is released as there frequently seems to be breaking bugs in the release. I prefer waiting until these have been fixed before installing the new version. Myob seems to think that is is ok for payroll to be down a couple days. This situation is NOT ok for our business. We run apyroll everyday and if there is a bug that prevents this then this is a critical issue for us. Cannot live with the 'oh, just run your payroll later in the week' approach  


Can I please have some clarification from Myob on a couple of questions

1. Why is the auto update feature coming to SE? is it so that MYOB stays in sync with any STP changes? 

2. If I block the update on my network until I feel confident thare are not any major critical bugs in the release will MYOB still continue working or will it literally 'force the update'?

Please dont respond by saying 'just move your file to the cloud and all your issues will be solved'..

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Re: Forced update coming to SE version - need clarification

Hi @kjm 


With the release of AccountRight 2021.1, we have moved across to automatic upgrades for the PC Edition of the software. This is to aid in the upgrade process as users would not need to install a new full version of the software each time an update is required. This also brings the product more aligned with other PC programs that don't require a new installer each time.


While we do hope to bring this functionality to the Server Edition in future updates it is still an ongoing process in developing that and getting to market. As such we do have limited information on how that will fully function for those users that do use the AccountRight Server Edition at this time. We'll have additional information when that Server Edition transitions to an automatic update application. 

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