History is showing information for another transaction

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History is showing information for another transaction

Just went to fix a weird tranaction and foudn that when I drill down through payment history it suddely references a completely different customer and transaction.  I am unable to either cancel payment (becuase they paid on teh order not invoice ... a stupid MYOB bug) and I cant reverse the transaction either.


Im stuck with an incorrect transaction and no way to fix it.  Worse I cannot trust MYOB now as it is clearly corrupt in the database.


I am now going to look at Quickbooks online - seems to do all that AccountRight does plus more for afraction of the cost.  I am sick of this bug ridden garbage, 1990 app unsuported and apparently never tested.


Anyone else got this problem.



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Re: Scrambled tranaction data post 2019.3 upgrade - DON'T UPGRADE!!!!!

We have found several transactions which (2 months after invoicing) have gone back into timebilling - even though they have been paid. Other timebilling activity slips have 'reappeared' in timebilling with a -0.1 balance. Tried a few ways to clear it out but keeps reappearing there. 

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Re: History is showing information for another transaction

Hi @PaulFireBug 


Sorry to hear that you have encountered that situation with AccountRight 2019.

It sounds like the markers for the transactions are linking through to the appropriate transaction and we may have to get the company file sent in for an investigation and possible repair. So we can see if that is required, can you supply a screenshot of the transaction and one of the history (selecting the history button on the Edit Sales window next to the Amount Applied). This will give us a good indication of what you are looking at with that transaction so we can arrange for the company file to be sent in if required.

Kind regards,

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