How do I get my Money back?

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How do I get my Money back?

So now that I have worked out I can downgrade from AccountRight (hope I haven't spoke too soon) how do I get out of this expensive hell?


Obviously it would be best for everyone if AR actually worked. I upgraded for a reason but that reason is null and void in light of the many overwhelming issues.


We have tried fixing myob and waiting for them to issue a fix (since we are in no way special in our use of myob we are in no way the only ones with these problems - quick scan around the forum shows that)


But after 4 months of wasted subscription and over 30 hours of 'free' time trying to 'fix' myob software bugs (lucky myob that so many of us can bug-test for them) I'm more interested in cutting our losses and getting a refund.


Some of you may think 30 hours isn't that long but I only work 10 hours a month for this client - I hate to imagine how much time he has wasted.


Tip for people who are in too deep to back out - cry to the support staff, they are extremely sympathetic to the sheer frustration and uselessness that we are overcome with. Things like working for 5 hours to input 6 invoices and then not being about to charge the client since all you did was input 6 invoices (at best a 15minute job). The rest of the time was spent restarting myob, restarting the computer, making sure the computer was clean/up-to-date/had memory, changing computers to see if it improved, restarting the computer again, followed by 2 hours on the phone to myob support, to find out it was a bug all along, they understand this - no doubt they feel it too - only they are getting paid... 

Bit concerning the support person 'had never heard of' my error despite numerous posts on here regarding its inability to be fixed. Nice lady gave me a patch, why is this not just available - why did I have to spend 2 hours to get it?

btw the Sales Leader who was 'calling me back' because of my overwhelming level of frustration ....still waiting to hear from you.


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Re: How do I get my Money back?

I can appreciate your frustration - I've been there too.


See my recent suggestions under Problems after upgrading to AR 2015 - some tips 


<Edit: Third party link removed>  offer a downgrade service. As they say, it's a complex process rather than simply hitting a button


I've previously converted AccountRight Plus 2013 to Premier v.19 to allow my client to access a CRM add-on, as that product only linked to v.19. All went well, but there was approx. 25 hours work and a lot of fiddling in Excel
Sample >>: Both versions have the fields needed, but not all fields could be exported from AR 2013.

E.g. the GST Inclusive field values had to be recreated in Excel, "on the way through" - for 10,000 transactions. 


Yes, you can downgrade - but it's a complex, lengthy process best left to an expert.

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Re: How do I get my Money back?

Hi @GCNic


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.

As dicussed I have sent you a private message on the MYOB Community Forum in regards to your enquiry.

Kind regards,

MYOB Community Support

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