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I am so frustrated at present with MYOB....

We have files on our server and files in the cloud.

We removed 3 files from the cloud and downgraded the other 5 files to Account Right Plus in the cloud.

To now receive an invoice for June for 8 files in the cloud...... when all this had been spoken about in May.

Now to also find out that 1 of my server files which operates as Account Right Premier (we have had a perpetual licence since 1998) cannot be confirmed by the .xml file they sent me because they do not recognise the serial number as Account Right Premier, but as Account Right Plus.

At NO stage did anyone from MYOB state that the server files would become Account Right Plus (these are not cloud files).

They are sending all these emails about self service basically and I have spent so much time on the phone over the past 4 days.

If things are not broken, they should not be changed.

I just want to speak to someone in Australia and get control of what looks like might be coming a mess!!!!!!

Gill.... very frustrated person


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Hi @Tasqua 


I am not aware of the circumstances in your case however 'normally' this is how it works. Your MYOB licence is your serial number - this can have a subscription attached. File confirmation is based on what product the serial number is associated with in MYOB's records. So if MYOB updated their records to show your serial number is now a Plus product, this would affect all company files with the same serial number. I suspect that if you want to use Premier for some company files and Plus for others, you may need to speak with MYOB about allocating a different serial number for the Plus files compared to the Premier files.


My comments are based on how it all worked in the past and assumes you have a perpetual licence, not a subscription licence. For example if the Premier licence is a perpetual licence (meaning you don't need a subscription for offline use and if not using any Live Services), they could issue a Plus subscription with a new serial number for the Plus files online. This would allow you to use the Premier files offline under the original serial number and Plus files online with new serial number. 


Mind you a Premier subscription allows for 2 company files using Live Services, so this would be cheaper than 2 Plus subscriptions. Generally MYOB do not allow you to run plus and premier under the same serial number at the same time.


FYI many of the MYOB support 'staff' are new and may not fully explain (or fully understand) how it works. Hopefully the above will allow you to work out what to ask for, so you can get the issue resolved.





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