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New Company File - Rollover from Existing Due File Limitations

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New Company File - Rollover from Existing Due File Limitations



Trying to work out IF (andd HOW)  to create a new company file.


Existing cloud file is running at 1.1GB and according to tech support at the limits of file sizes. Even with decent internet speeds (15/15), drop down list and other factors are slow to almost unresonsive (can wait 10-30 seconds for some screens to refresh and update). 


Best suggestion (other than something other than MYOB) is create a new company file and start again. However I would like to retain a good part of sales history as customers calling want to know when and what they last it not so simple as just opening a new file and starting agian.


Has anyone done anything like this before?


Unless there is a tool/tools around that could help compact and compress the MYOB database? I know scanned documents are part of the huge file size.













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Re: New Company File - Rollover from Existing Due File Limitations

Hi @SamBenson


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge

AccountRight allows for the user to export and import data from company files. If you are looking at creating a new company file and wish for some of the history to come across you could export out the required information from the existing company file and import that into the new company file. Help Article: Importing and exporting data would be able to assist with those processes.


Do note that exporting and importing data from one company file to another can be a complex process and should be taken with extreme care, especially if you haven't completed this task before. Also when setting up the new company file do ensure that you have selected the correct conversion month and financial year for the data you wish to import. You are unable to import data before those dates so do make sure that they are set appropriately.


Personally if it was me and I was looking at creating a new company file I would be creating a new file and not import that historical information. If you did wish to view that historical information you could always restore a backup of the file/view a restored file that contained that information. This way the new file would only contain new transactions. However, I guess it depends on how often you view historical information.

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Re: New Company File - Rollover from Existing Due File Limitations

Hi @SamBenson


As mentioned by @Steven_M, exporting and importing is far from simple. Plus there are lots of things that cannot be exported or imported. I have sent you a private message with a link to a website where they can create an identical copy of your file without all the transactions and balances, giving you a new file ready made, with all the elements and setup done. The small fee will save hours of angst.


I would also not recommend importing historical sales - you cannot import prior year transactions anyway. The best approach is to make a copy of your existing file in your Library, make it readonly and call it Sales History.myox or similar.  If a staff member needs to access history, open a new instance of AR2017 and open Sales History.myox. The staff member can switch between programs as required.


This means your new small and faster file is not burdened by historical transactions data, however it is still available if required. As the file is readonly, you will not need an additional licence for it and as it is in your Library you won't need another subscription for it. Each staff member can have a copy in their Library.




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