Ongoing issues with AccountRight AU 2019.2.0

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Ongoing issues with AccountRight AU 2019.2.0

I 'upgraded' from AccountRight Enterprise V19 at the start of June 2019 and have encountered countless issues that I cannot seem to get appropriate support for from MYOB. 


Firstly, the upgrading process required me to close all open sales/purchase orders on my system before it could transfer my file online. Who in this day and age has any period in which they have no open sales or purchase orders? I wasted an entire day following the files migration re-entering the orders that I was forced to delete. 


Not only did I have to re-enter this data, but now I am finding that several purchase's from previous financial years have now popped up again and have been re-dated to this current financial year. These purchase's by the way have long since been closed and resolved, but now I find them active and awaiting payment?? The best part is, I can't delete them either. So in order to remove them, I have to make several Journal entries to write off items that don't exist, altering my current balances. 


I have inventory items that have magically adjusted themselves to a higher balance than they should of their own accord. When I try to make a Journal Adjustment to write off the over inflated balance, the system re-values the item and again leaves it with a higher balance than it should. Note: I raised this particular issue with MYOB Data Repair team and the answer they gave me was basically "The work around for this is to inactivate this item after adjusting the stock to 0 and create a brand-new item instead". So basically the answer is, forget the history of the item use, it's stuffed, and start again. This pearl of wisdom took the MYOB team 2 weeks to come up with.


Not only is my file seemingly riddled with sales, purchases, and inventory issues, after a discussion with one of my staff I discovered that some of my payroll reports are also incorrect. One of my staff members entitlement balances is also being mis-represented in reports. Thankfully the pay slip is printing correctly, however, when I run an entitlement report the value for the Annual Leave and Personal Leave is almost reversed. 


As this is the end of the financial year I am still going through my records, but I solemnly expect to come across more of these sorts of issues from the more techniologically advanced system. I must say that I am sorely disappointed and if I did not need the STP to comply with legal requirements I would be spending the next few weeks re-entering last months figures into my older, more reliable, system and abandoning this 'upgrade'.

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Re: Ongoing issues with AccountRight AU 2019.2.0

Hi @Challenger2020 

Sorry to hear that you are no liking the AccountRight 2109 product range.


Generally speaking open receive item transactions i.e. transactions that do appear when you run the Purchase Register [Open Item Receipts] report do need to be converted before the file is migrated to AccountRight 2019 from AccountRight Classic (v19). In your situation may have been slightly different as each file migration can be slightly different.


If you do have transactions that have become open, I would recommend reviewing the history of that transactions to review if there are payment transactions on those transactions. If those payments are not included, I would be going back to the pre-migrated file to see if those payments were included prior to the migration of that file.


In terms of your annual leave report, I would recommend taking a look at Incorrect Entitlement Balance reports after upgrading to AccountRight 2019, which outlines some cases where the entitlement balance reports do show incorrect values after migration.





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