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Password not required?

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Re: Password not required?

Hi @Genreve_S 


Can you please explain why you believe that "it's much preferable that the User ID is connected to the email address"?

Just to be clear, in my case, now that I have unlinked the User ID from my email address, each time I open AR I am prompted to enter password. Whereas, previously when my User ID was connected to my email address, I was not prompted to enter a password each time I opened AR.

For a recap on this issue, please re-read @Helen_Keegan posts, as she describes the issues very well, and is exactly what happened in my office.

Also, if you are recommending to connect the User ID to the email address, can you please clarify on how to "log out" of email address each time I want to close down AR.

I looked into your suggestion of: AccountRight software > Open a company file > Online > Sign out

I'm unsure how to follow your prompts, simply because I already have the company file open (i.e, I want to close the program (and log out), not open a company file).

I could be wrong, but when I have AR open and want to log off, maybe we should click: Services > Sign out from AccountRight Live

Please advise.

Lastly, I hope that the MYOB software engineers are spending as much time rectifying this security issue as the rest of us paying customers.

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Re: Password not required?

Hi @Smooth


Thanks for the reply. 


What I meant in my previous reply was I prefer to link my user ID with my email address. This is a personal preference, and I would advise you to follow what you think works for you. 


If you want to log out of your email address from inside the file, you could either Click on Service> Sign out from AccountRight Live or Click File > Open > Online > Logout. 


I understand where this frustration is coming from, and we appreciate your patience. Any feedback regarding how the application works is being passed on to the relevant team. 


If you have any other concerns, feel free to post again in the forum. 




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Re: Password not required?

i have this issue. Having to sign out everytime is not viable for us. we would like a solution asap

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