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Removal of Discount on multiple Files

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Removal of Discount on multiple Files


Very dissapointed to receive email re the removal of discount on multiple files, I assume this only applies to on-line multiple files.  


I know that it is recommended looking at downgrading or using a web browser version, however I have a few questions:

1.   Can a file be backed up locally, if it is a web browser version, for future audits etc?

2.   If not, how long do you retain the file on-line for?  Audit requirement of 7 years is needed.  This is      especially  difficult for retiring customers, they cannot be expected to continue to pay fees to keep the file available in case of an audit?

3.    When a backup is returned on-line, does it restore all the attached documents? or are they lost permanently?   

4.   Are bank feeds available to web browser versions, or desktop versions?


 My recent experience with using Accountright on the web browser was not great.  It was extremely slow compared to the desktop or on-line version.  You also mention some options are not available as yet on the web browser version, so that is disappointing also.


I have used and recommended Myob for decades and realise that software is ever developing to cater for constant changing rules etc from ATO.    However it is extremely disappointing that clients will no longer be able to afford your product and have to move to more affordable options.    To only give a month's notice is also troubling at one of the busiest times of the year for clients to make reasonable decisions in this serious matter.


I hope you are able to respond to my questions.






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Re: Removal of Discount on multiple Files

Hi @Beancounterdr ,


Thanks for raising your concerns with us.


The removal of MFD discounts will resume the subscription cost to full retail price regardless it is used online or offline. An active subscription is required to use online services like bank feeds, In tray and STP reporting and pay superannuation.


1.Unfortunately no back up available for browsers version, but relevant financial reports can be downloaded.

2.In regard to audit purpose ,we recommend to back up your data and any financial records locally.

3.When the files are online we do back up the cloud files and in terms of data after cancelling the subscription the data is archived and might incur an additional fees in case you require access to them. To know more in detail about archived data I recommend taking a look at I would section 3.4 AccountRight Terms of Use (

4.Bankfeeds are available for both desktop and browser version, but if the subscription is not active then there is no access to automatic download of bank feeds .


I do understand using browser based  doesn't provide the same experience AR and we are constantly trying to improve the performance and features. Appreciate your review/feedback on pricing and  certainly this feedback will be monitored to future improvements.


Thank you very much for your understanding  and continued support.


Priya Selvaraj

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