Restore from backup - tips and tricks

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Restore from backup - tips and tricks

Hi Folks


Thought I might add a few tricks and tips of my own in this steep learning curve to taking offline/online/synch/restore/recover


I have had to do all this for real for  clients files and all the errors you wish you never see have occurred.


Working offline all weekend and uploading changes Monday morning at 0800 - and an error occurs and it doesn't work - then having to restore from backup.

All the things that shouldn't go wrong did and recovering.


This morning had another little error which I really didn't need.


Quick info to help you understand.


Am running an AR 2019.2.1 live file online for client - ie very large company with a big premier file - last Nov took premier and converted it an uploaded - and various people have been using to test importing, wageloch etc.

The file was 6 months out of currency so they ask me to upgrade premier again and upload it to replace existing out of date.


There are various outside 3rd and 4th parties connected to this with invitations - so ringing MYOB and asking them to delete file and then uploading a new one was in my books a long way around.


1. I took the existing Premier file 330mb and did a local upgrade to AR2019.2.1 which took about 1 hour.

2. I opened it and confirmed it 

3. I opened users and upgraded these to reflect existing online file

4. I backed it up using MYOB backup which creates zip file

5. Opened zip file and renamed file to name of file on line

6. Opened the online file and selected Restore 

7. It gives various warnings etc

8. Restore - took about 20 minutes

9. And it came up with and error - connection with the server has been broken (this has happened before) - this is a cloud server with an ultra fast fibre backend and I was RDP logged in - there was no break - so this appears to be a restore false error

10. Open MYOB file - online (you cannot select from one already open in the Right hand box of previously opened) 

11. The restored online file opens succcessfully fully restored

12. All authorisations still in place


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