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Re: Speed



In AccountRight Live you can have unlimited widows open at the same time, including multiple invoice windows.

Unlike the Classic where you can only have 9 windows open and only one Invoice window at any one time.

And of course all the online browser based programs like Essentials and Xero you only have one window at a time.


Make sure you never use full windows keep them to a small as possible and you get far better worklows.

Also use the "Save location and size Preference".

By having multiple windows open on the screen at the same time, saves time as it takes just one click to open whatever you want rather than having to close and open all the time.

This along with the not having to type in the whole date everytime are the biggest time saving workflows in the program.


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Re: Speed

Thanks for the quick reply Graeme. @GDay53


I do that but thought you might have found a way to highlight multiple items in a list and "open all". Not that I'd need it often. Smiley Happy

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