Subtotal duplication in profit & loss

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Subtotal duplication in profit & loss


I have been trying for days to correct an issue I have with GL accounts.  I moved some accounts around to improve the Profit & Loss look, however I have ended up with an additional line which is acting like a sub-total but is not a sub-total.  It is adding into the total when it shouldn't.  I can't delete it, or convert it to a header.  When I try and view the transactions for this account, it is zero.

Help please!   It is the Wages & Oncost account 6-1301.


6-0000xxxx Expenses    
6-0001xxxx Costs    
6-0200Bank Fees & Charges $2.50  
6-0275Communication expenses $431.30  
6-0300Consultants/Projects $14,488.77  
6-0400Infrastructure Fees $3,253.29  
6-0430Internet/Web Hosting $411.73  
6-0480Meetings & Related $332.93  
6-0490Membership fees $1,909.09  
6-0810Information Resources $461.17  
6-0820Subscriptions $754.92  
6-0830Phone & Data Costs $683.55  
6-0900Travel & Accommodation $173.39  
6-1000Conference expenses $2,855.00  
6-1100Honorariums $2,500.00  
6-1300Wages Header    
6-1301Wages & On-Costs$178,109.18   
6-1302Wages & Salaries$162,001.86   
 Total xxxx Costs  $384,476.00 
 Total xxxx Expenses   $384,476.00


But in the account list there is no dollar value against Wages and Oncosts?


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Re: Subtotal duplication in profit & loss

Hi @RoslynBowes 


Thank you for your post. It sounds like when you moved the accounts around, you may have accidentally put the account in question as a detail account under the wrong header.


To confirm if this is the case and change it back: 

  1. Backup your file before you start
  2. Highlight the account that should not be under the header account and click Up
  3. If it has been indented multiple times you may need to click up again until it is removed from that header account
  4. Check the balance is displaying correctly now


If the report is still not showing the correct amounts, I also recommend clearing the cache files that AccountRight uses which can resolve some odd behaviour in reports: Clearing the AccountRight Cache.


If after following the above steps it still doesn't show correctly, could you please attach the Profit and Loss report and a screenshot of the Accounts List in your reply or over Private Message, to give me a better idea of the indentation of all the accounts? 


*Update: repaired by Data Repair Team


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Re: Subtotal duplication in profit & loss


I sent you a private message.  Here are the files I was trying to add to that message.




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