There is Just Too much Too Wrong Here

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There is Just Too much Too Wrong Here

We rely on you.. pay lottsa good money to trust you to help us take good care of our business's

MYOB started out meaning Mind (take care of) Your Own Business in a good way but how can we do that

when your product is no longer sound, realiable and dependable and can at times stop us from doing that at all!


To the point where we cross fingers and toes hoping past bug's will be fixed.. new bugs wont be introduced

Hoping Bank Feeds will work today, Can Actually connect today, STP reporting will work today even the basic ability to be able to back our Online file up Soo Soo Very Important cause we cant rely on you to retrieve it.

the list of things that can stop us from working or minding our own business well is very..very..long


An all the cliche apologies to be frank dont ring true at all can actually add insult to injury.


An Just so this Company Realises... We are the Ones Keeping MYOB in Business..Not the other way around MYOB Keeping Us... Without Satisfied Happy Customers You Have No Product that Anyone Wants..

Then MYOB You Have No Business To Mind!


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Re: There is Just Too much Too Wrong Here

Totally agree - there is so much with MYOB that is not working.  My issue at the moment is I cannot backup anything - online or offline.  It's on my mind all the time about "what will go wrong with MYOB today ?" and actully makes me feel sick in the stomach sometimes


Just FYI - did you know that MYOB only perform their backups once a fortnight ?  So if we were ever in a situation where we could not back up and had to rely on them to provide us with a backup copy, it could be up to 2 weeks old ?  I was told this by a silver level technician last week, which blew my mind because I thought they were backing up every single day - they're not !


It has even crossed my mind that a lot of us are quite clearly not getting the services we paid for, I wonder if anyone has ever gone to the ACCC or some ombudsman about this ?  I reckon a lot of us should be refunded for a portion of our fees because we're paying an exorbitant amount and we are not getting what we are paying for. 


MYOB flaunt their product as a 'cloud based' product but it clerly does not perform.

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