To Suja Pillai Community Manager

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To Suja Pillai Community Manager

Dear Suja,


Here we go again, another series of bugs due to an upgrade.

I have once again wasted time checking on my staff to see if they have done something wrong because the invoices are now printing in default.

After trying settings and checking on various other areas, the penny dropped. Another upgrade has recently been performed.

Wasted more of my time searching forums and typing the best search words to come up with something I do not know if it exisits or not.... FRUSTRATING!

Yes, there it is. I nice little article by you.

It is so frustrating that Myob cannot make a reliable product. THAT IS BAD ENOUGH.

WORSE, is that Myob do not email us (YOUR CLIENTS) an alert to such matters.

Alerting us would show some sort of respect for your clients. It would save us from wasting time. Time is money and woah, Myob would not dare think of compenstaing us for this.

Companies like Telstra even automatically reduce their monthly charge to us if their service goes offline for a period.

If Myob Accountright was a motor car all hell would break loose with a class action against the manufacturer.

Would you drive a car made by Myob? Knowing it's abilty to make a reliable product.

A simple alert email imeadiately a fault is known would help. I am sure this would not burden Myob with too much expense.

You are the Community Manager. Start managing the community with emails. And show some respect.

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Re: To Suja Pillai Community Manager

ah yes, the public shaming because you're frustrated.


most company's hold a status page for such things, myob is no different. you can find their status page here:


look under "small business" if you're an AccountRight or Essentials user.


unlike telstra or other places I can see myob have an incredibly large amount of products and services that are completely different from each other with different types of users, it would be difficult to create a centralised system to be able to fetch all users of a particular product/service/region and begin to email them all that would increase server load and could exascerbate problems. other company's that have larger users have the same problem and implement status pages as well, with an "opt-in" option where a user can go to a status page and subscribe so they can be notified of problems if they choose to.


though the myob error messages are pretty silly and it would do better to handle these errors better on a software-level rather than leave it up to interpretation and lots of troubleshooting from the poor support agents. seems the default error message is connection error when it can be something as silly as forgetting to tick a box, that's just poor

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Re: To Suja Pillai Community Manager

Agree @sholt73 


These warnings could have flashing neon lights and people would still say they don’t exist



Using the search words ‘custom forms’ brings up post after post about this issue.


Yes the bugs and issues, particularly this last one, are incredibly frustrating. But, as many clients have complained, upgrades can have bugs so how about we, as clients, be a bit more proactive and spend 5 minutes checking the forum prior to upgrading. If there’s lots of bugs, like this one, don’t upgrade instead of upgrading then jumping on the forum and being disrespectful to the moderators. 


I think we need to remember that Suja is the community manager of the community forum, not the manager of the entire MYOB client base. The moderators are employed to help users of the forum. They are not the developers, they do not control phone support, they do not control the price of subscriptions, they do not control bank feeds.


Yes, vent your frustrations but don’t take it out on those whose role is to help us. I have on several occasions had to ask a moderator for help in an area that was not their responsibility but they have gone above and beyond to resolve my problems. I have had a moderator ring me to check that an issue was fixed.  


Let’s not forget that Suja and the moderators are doing the best they can to help in a situation they have no control over.



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Re: To Suja Pillai Community Manager

Hi @PaulH1,


Thank you for your post. 


Sorry about the delay in responding. Also sincere apologies for the inconvenience and frustrations caused by the issue, with custom forms, introduced in AccountRight 2019.2.


I'm glad to hear that you found my post listing the issues that were unintentionally introduced in 2019.2 and that it had the details about the issue you were experiencing. While it's little consolation for the troubles it has caused, I'm glad to say that the issue has been resolved in the soon to be released compliance update, AccountRight 2019.2.1. 


We understand the importance of keeping our clients informed and making it as easy as possible to find important information such as these. As @bungy15 mentioned in her comment, a post detailing the specific issue relating to custom forms, as well as a list with other known issues in 2019.2, are both placed in the announcement panel on the forum Home page, for better visibility. We've also included it at the top of the AccountRight 2019.2 release blog and have IVR messaging for clients who call in.  


In most cases a visit to the forum Home page and/or a quick search should give you information on known issues and workarounds, where available, to overcome them. 


That said, I absolutely agree that we should make it easier to keep our clients in the know. 


So, my team and I have been looking into ways to use features, like subscribing for email notifications, available within our forum, as one of the ways of notifying our clients.  As @sholt73  pointed out, one of the big challenges for us is the number of products and services we offer. But we're working on it, and hope to have a viable solution soon. So watch this space!


Thank you again for your feedback. I'd appreciate an opportunity to further discuss the concerns you've raised. I did try the number we have on record for you yesterday. 

Suja Pillai

Social Support and Community Manager

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