Upgrading a local file on a PC using 2021.2 SE

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Upgrading a local file on a PC using 2021.2 SE

Hi Folks


Another headache with upgrading - if you are running local files - doesn't happen for online files


I decided to remove the PC version of AR 2021.1 from my laptop - being forced to upgrade to 2021.2 I installed 2021.2 SE - which installs without problem (even with AR 2021.1 PC version on board).


However, all was not well - though it all seemed to work fine - AR 2021.2 SE would not upgrade a 2021.1 file to 2021.2 with the warning 


"cannot upgrade file to 2021.2 as another program is using the file" - grrr 


After a lot of stuffing around looking at permissions - rebooting - and uploading the file to an actual cloud server and upgrading it without problem with 2021.2 SE - downloading to my PC - it ran fine.


So what is/was the problem - SE comes with 4 services that run in the background - on a server these do not interfere but on a PC they do.


API Service

Library Service

Server 2021.2

Server Locator


Without telling you what these do - the last one needs to be stopped (to do this - Windows button + R - type Services.msc and enter - scroll down to 'MYOB AccountRight Server Locator' - select - R Click -  select STOP)


Now do your upgrade and it will work.


Don't forget to restart it - or simply reboot will restore. 

If you are not using the API and do not have local files none of these services are necessary it seems.


The Doc



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