We are being forced to upgrade Accountright

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We are being forced to upgrade Accountright

Just today we are being forced to upgrade to the latest version of AccountRight. 2016.1


In the past we have been able to choose "upgrade later" which is great because we need to plan upgrades not just do it when MYOB wants us to. 

This is very annoying and hopefully MYOB sees the error of introducing this and going back to allowing us to upgrade on our own time. As it is the whole office must now stop work, log out so that we can all upgrade just so I can look up a transaction.  A very frustrating issue that I can see no upside too..



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Re: We are being forced to upgrade Accountright

Hi David,


Is your data file hosted on the cloud?  If so, you will need to update because MYOB have decided to update the software on their cloud server.


If you have the data file locally on your PC, then you can still run the older version of the software.





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Re: We are being forced to upgrade Accountright

Hi @DaveandPanda


To ensure the best possible performance of cloud services and to make sure that clients are using the most up-to-date version we do 'decommission' older versions of the company file in the cloud. Currently we in the process of decommissioning AccountRight 2015.4 and 2016.1 from the cloud. 

Generally we do issue out a variety of communications to the clients with those company files in the cloud that are affected to let them know in advance to ensure that they have plenty of time to upgrade. From my understanding the communications where issued late last month in preparation of the decommissioning, I'm sorry to hear that you have missed those communications.

However as the message does indicate to access your company file in the cloud you do need to make sure that you using the AccountRight 2016.2.1 version. This can be downloaded and installed via your my.MYOB account by selecting My Products>>Downloads after logging in.

For more information please see Decommissioning of AccountRight Live 2015.4 and 2016.1


Please note you mentioned the Upgrade Later option. This is still included in the program but will only appear when the version of the program you are using is still 'commissioned' in the cloud and you have the older version still installed on your computer. In this case the 2016.1 version has been decommissioned and therefore there is no prompt to indicate Upgrade later.

Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

Kind regards,

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