Account Transactions (Accrual) report - Not Showing Debits

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Account Transactions (Accrual) report - Not Showing Debits

When we print the Account Transaction (Accrual) report for a particular date and a specific account, the report is not showing any debits for any of the transactions.  For example, on one invoice for the specific account code, we have an amount of $35.90 and then on the next line, there is an amount of -$25.83.  When we were using AccountRight Premier V19, on this report it would show $25.83 in the debit column and $35.90 in the credit column but in AccountRight 2019.2.0 it is only showing one amount in the credit colum of $10.07.   I did notice that when I ran the report for a date prior to us changing over to 2019.2.0, that teh debits and credits displayed perfectly? Is there something we are doing wrong or something we have not specified in our preferences for this new version? We really need to be able to show the debits and credits in this report.  We have also tried the General Ledger (Detail) report and that is doing the same thing? I have attached the example for you to look at. Thanks.

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Re: Account Transactions (Accrual) report - Not Showing Debits

I'm having the same issue.  While trying to reconcile Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors, I've tried exporting all transactions posted to these two accounts into MS Excel, however no transactions with an SRC Code CR in trade debtors, and SRC Code CD in Trade creditors are being exported.


The version I am using is MYOBAccountRight 2019.2



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Re: Account Transactions (Accrual) report - Not Showing Debits

Hi @Watts  @Rachelle2 


AccountRight 2019 will consolidate transactional lines that go to the same account on the same transaction. For example, if you recapped the transaction in your example (CTRL + R) you will see from the journal entry that it is showing as $10.07 for that account thus this is what is reported.


If you needing to show those lines separated in the Journal entry and reporting you would need to differentiate those lines. Typically, you would do this by adding a job code to one of the lines. By adding that job code, it forces that line to be recorded as a separate line and thus will show as separate when reporting. 


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Re: Account Transactions (Accrual) report - Not Showing Debits

Hi all, I recall that was brought up as an issue some time ago. The workaround is to select any other account as well for the export, then the debtor or creditor transactions will be complete.

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