Accounting For Amazon FBA Sales

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Accounting For Amazon FBA Sales

Does anyone have a decent solution for deciphering and reporting the absolute **bleep** that comes out of Amazon?


I can't believe a platform as big as Amazon can't provide a basic bsuiness report to allow us to reconcile sales to receipts.


We've been selling on Amazon as fulfilled by merchant for a while and thought the complete lack of information was due to the fact we were setup as a personal account. We've recently shipped some stock to Amazon so they can ship (FBA). We also upgraded to a business subscription expecting we'd get proper reports to allow us to record sales and receipts - but no. Amazon are nice enought to pay you for what you and they sell on thier platform, but that happens some weeks later and they withold an amount of money. The issue is they give you absolutely no idea what sales have been paid and what sales have been witheld - just a total. Adding to the confusion they remit in $US so there is a conversion when it hits our bank account in $AUD so it makes receipting invoices a total nighmare.


At present we don't want the added complexity of activating multi-currency so we use a work around and record sales at a fixed exchange rate for each period. Each time Amazon sell an item they send an email. We use that to create an invoice and enter an amount in equivalent $AUD at a set exchange rate. So we don't have to work out the exchange rate for payment we may not receive for weeks into the future we have a customer card called Amazon Cash Sales and we use a fixed volume discount setup at the card level to reflect the exchange rate difference. As you can't enter a negative volume disocnt we have to remember to edit the discount colunm and put a negative in front of it. Eg the sale would look like this - see attached invoice

qty  product    price   discount  total  tax

1     Widget1   75.00    -.3333   100.00 EXP

When we do finally get a payment form Amazon we have to first add up all the fees and charges (which they deduct from the remittance) and enter this as a deposit adjustment to Amazon Fees. We then look at the amount in $AUD that was deposited to our bank account by amazon, use that figure as the total for a receipt to undeposited funds and then receipt sales from oldest to newest until the amount of receipts is pretty close to the deposit less fees. We then insert another deposit adjustment to exchange rate gain/loss so the bank deposit equals the amount paid into our account. My issue is this is really dodgy and total guesswork. Technically we can't receipt an invoice in full as Amazon gives us no information on what invoices are being paid - just an amount witheld total.


Amazon do provide a very basic summary with opening balance, sales and fees less witheld to show a closing balance but I really need to account for how many of each item I'm selling and how many sales. It seems like Amazon just expect you to record a single sales figure for a period for the amount remitted less the fees and charges with no detail on the number of items.

I have found a transaction level report I can download from Amazon which breaks down income and fees by sale (see attached) but it is useless - If I sell 4 items to one customer amazon present that as 16-20 line items. It seems they account for every item not every sale and they can't roll up the report to a sale level.


Be keen to speak with anyone who can share thier experience dealing with Amazon and how you account for sales on that platform. I've spoken to enough monkeys in thier call centre and not one of them even acknowledges the issue let alone gives any meaningful advice.






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