Credit Note: Apply Credits vs Open Register

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Credit Note: Apply Credits vs Open Register


I went to record payments from a customer with a credit note and a screen appeared with the options to 'open register' or 'apply credits'.

I selected apply credits but the textbook I am using in fact tells me to open register. I can't seem to undo the transaction and I have no idea if the credit note has been applied yet the window isn't opening up again with those options.

I have tried deleting and redoing them.

Does it matter if I used a different button? and If so how do I fix it?


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Re: Credit Note: Apply Credits vs Open Register

Hi @SarahStudent

When you select to "Apply a credit" it would apply the outstanding credits to the earliest outstanding invoice. If you want to deleting that application and start over with applying that credit you would need to delete the relevant Settle Returns and Credit transaction. 

Firstly you would need to find out what invoice the credit note got applied to. Personally I would go to Sales>>Sales Register>>All Sales>>Select that particular Customer>>Go through the invoices for that customer until you can find the invoice that the credit got applied to or the credit (i.e. the negative sale) itself. When you have that transaction on screen, select the History button (in the bottom right). This will bring up the Find Transaction window, you would selecting the required transaction to bring up the Settle Returns and Credits window showing that the amount has been applied to another transaction. When you have that on screen you would go to Edit (top of the screen)>>Delete Credit.  

By selecting to delete that Settle Returns and Credits transaction it will place the credit note back in Sales>>Sales Register>Returns and Credits tab.  You will also get that prompt when you go back into the Sales>>Receive Payment for that Customer as you did before.

Do let us know if you require further information in regards to deleting that application of the credit note.

Kind regards,

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