Do Invoice Reminders relate to the Invoice Portal?

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Do Invoice Reminders relate to the Invoice Portal?

Dear MYOB & Community,

I've read and re-read the help page for "Invoice Reminders" several times, and looked at the Community support pages, too, and I'm still unsure about how this works and therefore how to drive it. One reason is that the Help page is totally focussed on telling the user HOW to set it up, but does NOT describe WHAT will happen, and what we, the users, need to do to make it work.


  1. The option "send to all customers" doesn't make sense, because at least some of them will have paid early. It should be "send to customers who have not paid" or "...whose balance is more than $x" etc.

  2. The option "send to specific customers" does make a bit of sense, but the Import/Export options do not allow me to set the 150+ customer cards in one hit, so I won't do it.

  3. Does the Invoice Reminder process trigger on a date relative to the nominated Due Date AND current balance AND the Customer Card flags?  i.e. Does it read the Company File to decide if an invoice is outstanding, and if a card permits it to send a reminder?

  4. Or is the Invoice Reminder process tied to the Invoice Portal?  Invoice Portal doesn't read the company file, so it cannot know the current balance, and that's why all the suggested email text says "if you've paid, please ignore".  This option might explain why so many customers have complained when they've been wrongly sent reminders.

  5. If the reminder process is based on the Invoice Portal, we need to drive that process as well as the Invoice Reminders.  e.g. We need to re-send all PAID invoices so that the payment status is appropriate for the Invoice Reminder process.  Is this correct?



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Re: Do Invoice Reminders relate to the Invoice Portal?

HI @richardh9935 


The invoice reminders trigger based off emails that have been sent using the online emailing system. When an invoice is emailed through the online emailing system certain information is captured about that invoice including the email address, due date and amount.


When setting up the invoice reminders, you can customise the dates that the reminders are sent all of which are based off the due date of the invoice. So if the due date of the invoice is the 10th of the month and the first reminder is set to be 3 days after the due date then the reminder would be sent out on the 13th


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