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Duplicate Purchase order numbers on new PO's

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Duplicate Purchase order numbers on new PO's

Each time a new PO is entered, the system generates a PO number which is one more than the last number entered/edited. The problem is that we have 2 people entering orders and invoices and for the last 12 months we have been going around in circles with PO numbers as we are often making alterations to PO's before finally processing them as bills which then reverts the system back to an old sequence. If I need to look something up by PO number I get a list of at least 10 different documents for each number and the list is growing day by day.

It is not a solution to set the "duplicate" warning as then we need to waste time finding out which number we are up to before entering an order and then by the time it is entered that number may have been used by another person anyway.

A purchase order  should be a document which has a unique refernce number and MYOB is not ensuring that this happens.

I've seen this issue mentioned a few times in the past (the first time in 2016) and MYOB's response has always been to say that they are looking into it and then the post is closed to new comments.

Does MYOB have any intention of doing anything about this problem - and if it is being worked on, then please keep this post open for Kudos and further comment by users so that we can gauge how many people are actually adversely affected by this?


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Re: Duplicate Purchase order numbers on new PO's

This problem has been around for YEARS and still no fix in sight.  I have the 'duplicate order number' setting on in preferences, but it still issues no warning when a duplicate is processed by a different user.  Frustrating beyond belief.  Some feedback would be great MYOB!

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Re: Duplicate Purchase order numbers on new PO's

IHi @AH1 @sascaro 


Like other reference numbers in the AccountRight software, the Purchase Order number system works on an auto number sequence. This will be where it will take the last recorded transaction as the basis for the next purchase order number. For example, if you record a purchase order with purchase order number 00000010, the next purchase order would have 00000011 then 00000012, 00000013...


While, we do acknowledge that in some cases, the auto number sequence can not work for some users and set ups/data entry, to my knowledge, this not an current focus of the development teams at this time. The recommendation we do have if you are finding the sequence not working as expected is to manually enter the required number into the transaction and record the transactions. This should update the purchase order number sequence so that the next transactions would have the required number. Note: this process may need to be completed multiple times.


As I am sure you are aware, we do recommend that users enable Setup>>Preferences>>Purchases>>Warn for duplicate Purchase Order numbers. This will warn the user within the Enter Purchase window that the a duplicate purchase order number has been used and potentially prevent a duplication of the number.

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