Electronic Payment Tick Box Default Please

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Electronic Payment Tick Box Default Please

Electronic payment tick box: I wish this wouldn't untick, but stay in the "most used" mode. This for me is electronic payments. The old green MYOB used to do this. 


Could MYOB please provide an option to permanently have the electronic tick box ticked as a default.


Too many times, my assistant has processed items as a cheque and not an EFT.  


Who processes cheques these days!?


Default Electronic Payments tick box please.

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Re: Electronic Payment Tick Box Default Please

Hi @Fishcounter 


Enabling the Electronic Payment on a payment transaction forces the transaction to use the account you have set up to denote the electronic payments/the electronic clearing account. Depending on the window you are using will depend on the best way to make that Pay from Account default to that account thus process the transaction to the electronic payments account.


If it is the Pay Bills window you are looking at navigate to Setup>>Linked Accounts>>Purchases Accounts. Update the Bank Account for Paying Bills to be that electronic clearing account. Similarly with payroll transactions, you want to process electronically, update the linked account for payroll - Bank Account for Electronic Payments. 

Spend Money transactions are slightly different, where the window will default to the first bank account in the accounts list. For example, say you have:
1-1101 - First Bank account

1-1102 - Second Bank account

And you wanted that Second Bank account to be the default you would need to update the account number of that account so it appears first in the list i.e.

1-1100 - Second Bank account

1-1101 - First Bank account

Once that account has been made the first account in the list it will appear as the default account in the Pay from Account list and thus appear as the default in the Spend Money window.

Note: Making that account the default account as the Pay from Account, doesn't enable the Electronic Payment tickbox. However, as that account is being used the transaction will be processed as an electronic payment and thus appear in the Prepare Electronic Payments window.

Kind regards,

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