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Feature Request

Look. I applogise if this is in the wrong place, but the MYOB site so confusing and all over the place I have no idea how to find the correct location for this.


I think this post is important to the future of MYOB.

I would be disappointed but not surprised to learn that it did not make onto the developers table. 

It sends Myob in a direction that makes it more helpful to the user rather than the current trend, which is away from user sentiment.


A feature that I think would increase user productivity and happiness is a another screen to the Left of Home, or wherever really.

This screen would be the "user's" screen where they can add buttons to perform the tasks they regularly use.

Like, use a particular reccuring tansaction, or anything really that their login permits.

The option to add a function to this screen could be done by Right Clicking on the item. In the drop down that appears could be the option to ADD TO PERSOANL HOME SCREEN..

You get the idea.

The button could have a custom label or picture.

Myob could even limit a user to just this screen once it is populated.


How freakin amazing would that be?

Suddenly Myob with all its overly complex interface can become, dare I say it,  Easy for a user who only needs to perform certain tasks, or a power user who does certain power-tasks regularly.

Think of how much time would be saved searching for the function that a user knows **bleep** well is there but cant find it, as usual.


I bet they never do it. Its the MYOB way or the Highway.

Ignore users at your peril.


And, if they do do it,,, there would never be a "thank you" to the user that turned the MYOB ship in a direction that helped save the company, despite how disgruntled they are..





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Re: Feature Request

Hi @MYOBcritic 


Thank you for your feedback, I have passed it onto the appropriate teams for their consideration. At this stage I do not have a timeframe for when this will be considered and any potential changes implemented.


If you did have any other suggestions we do recommend posting them on our AccountRight ideas exchange. Here users can discuss and vote for potential changes that they would like to see in AccountRight.


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