Multiple supplier Invoices for one purchase order

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Multiple supplier Invoices for one purchase order

Hi there, 

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer that quite fits my situation. 


We deal with quite a lot of consignment products. As our inventory is slow moving we might sit with consignment inventory for several months before it is either sold or returned to the supplier. 


Example: We receive items A,B,C and D on the same consignment, therefore the same delivery docket. We receipt these into the system using one purchase order. Then we sell item A only. Now the supplier gives us an invoice for item A. I try to do convert our PO to an invoice, I select bill qty 1, for item A, then bill qty 0 for items B,C and D (which then 0's it in the received qty column too, so put the qty into the backorder column). The problem now it that item A has been invoice (correctly), but my three other items are now on backorder, therefore removed from my inventory as not instock anymore. So now I have to manually go and find the new PO that was credited for the "backorder" items and receipt them in again (headache material right there if I forgot that step)


Is there a way when I'm converting the PO to my supplier invoice to keep the items in the received qty column (as they should be) and just having 0 in the bill qty column? That way they are not invoiced on this invoice, but they are still in stock and I can create the supplier invoice for them when I eventually sell them. 


Thanks for your help

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Re: Multiple supplier Invoices for one purchase order

Hello @audio1


Unfortunately AccountRight is currently setup with the assumption that a bill would cover all items already received and the rest would be put on back-order. If you'd like to see AccountRight handle handle partial invoices for consignment stock better in the future, I'd recommend that you make this suggestion via our idea exchange.


In the meantime one way to handle the issue, would be to continue recording orders as you do. When you receive items on consignment, don't record them using receive items against the order. Instead record separate inventory adjustments to raise your inventory levels. When you sell and are invoices for an item, record a bill from the order, putting all other items on back-order (this won't affect the inventory adjustment you've recorded earlier). Reverse the inventory adjustment for the billed item.

Kind Regards

MYOB Client Support

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