One customer always tax inclusive when printing/emailing invoice

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One customer always tax inclusive when printing/emailing invoice



I have recently moved from 19.12 to 2018.2.


When I try to record an invoice from just one customer it will always be printed/emailed with tax inclusive rates. I have looked on the customer's card and I can not see anywhere where it says it is tax inclusive. Rates/invoice is not set to tax inclusive either.


From what I can see no other customers are being affected.


I really require these customer invoices to be emailed as tax exclusive rates so I hope you can help, thanks.



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Re: One customer always tax inclusive when printing/emailing invoice

Hi @metrogroup


Thank you very much for posting on the MYOB Community Forum. I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge.


When we print an invoice, whether of not the prices of line items print with tax inclusive or tax exclusive depends on the customise form we use. Basically, if you go to Setup->Customise Forms and select the type of invoice you are printing, you can then select whether the tax exclusive price of line items shows up. In the middle you will see the table which prints the line items, If you right click on this table and select “Show/Hide Columns” we will see a list of columns you can to the table. Two columns for tax exclusive prices we want to focus on in particular are:


  • Ex Price – the tax exclusive line price for each line item (Item Invoices only)
  • Ex amount – the tax exclusive amount for each line total (Item and service invoices)


If you add either of these columns to your invoice, you should see the tax exclusive price for the line. Please see our help note Fields and columns you can add to forms for a detailed explanation of this procedure. You can then set this form as the default form for printing with this customer by going into the card file, under “Selling Details” and select the Printed Form. Please note you will have to select a default sale layout before you can select the form for printing.

Kind Regards,

Stuart W
MYOB Client Support

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