PLEASE PLEASE Fix the issue with printing statements from the customer card PLEASE PLEASE

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PLEASE PLEASE Fix the issue with printing statements from the customer card PLEASE PLEASE

Dear MYOB Management & Developers


Can you please please fix the issue with printing statements from the customers card.

Please don't tell me its a feature by design, its a bug and needs to be fixed.

This only affect customers with a large number of customer cards like us.


Let me explain the issue

  • Customer walks in to the counter and would like to make a payment
    They ask for a copy of recent payments etc.
  • We bring up the customer card and advise them of the outstanding balance
  • Right Click on the Card and Select the "Action Menu"
  • Select "Print/Email -> Print/Email Statements"
    in v19 it would just list the one customer from the card.
    in v2018 it bring up the entire list of customers (takes approx 2 mins on our counter POS)

The problem is one of speed.
Time to load ALL the customers
More often than not we need to change between printing an "Invoice" or "Activity" statement.
It then reloads the entire list of customers again (not as slow by still slow)
If going from an Invoice to Activity statement we ALWAYS need to change the From Date and it reloads the entire list again.


In v19 it only display the single customer so no reloading ALL customer and wasting upto 5 minutes.

Customer is standing at the counter waiting.

We are saying Sorry, MYOB is the problem its being slow today Smiley Happy 

Its a BUG and NOT a feature that was never added from v19
I say this because you added the option from the card's action menu to print a statement.
It just wasn't tested to ensure it only selected the customer from the card.

Please Please fix this issue.
I have wasted over 30 minutes this morning taking payments from customers.

Something that should have taking 10 minutes.


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Re: PLEASE PLEASE Fix the issue with printing statements from the customer card PLEASE PLEASE

Hi @AndrewStephen


Having a test of the program I can see what you mean when opening the customer card to produce the statement you get a list of all customers in the Print/Email Statements window, not the individual customer. I've made sure that the relevant team are aware of that fact for a future release.

While it may not be a fix for your issue you could look at using the Advanced Filters... on the corresponding Print/Email Statement window to filter to that customer. Alternatively, click into the table i.e highlight a customer card before selecting CTRL + SHIFT + F on the keyboard to bring up the search option. This will search for all record in the window that match your criteria so you could just enter in the customer's name in that field.


Curiously, I also discovered if you highlight a card from the Card Filter window, as in don't open it, and select Print/Email>>Print/Email Statements you get that one customer's card in the Print/Email Statements window, which may be the best overall workaround for you.

Kind regards,

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