PO Form with Terms & Conditions

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PO Form with Terms & Conditions


We are currently utilising AccountRight v19.

Are you able to point me in the right direction on how to create a 2nd page (reverse side) to the PO that is the Terms & Conditions for a PO? 



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Re: PO Form with Terms & Conditions



Hey there!


Currently there's no way of doing this directly in the software. There is an Idea posted on the AR Idea exchange which you should definitely support, see; Forms: Invoices - Terms and conditions/second page


That being said, there are 3 workarounds I can think of off the top of my head:


1. Attach a T's & C's doc when you email your Invoices:


With this, I'd write your T's & C's in a word doc or other processor and generate the PDF containing your T's & C's. Edit your Email Defaults to tell the Customer to refer to the T's & C's and email the PDF when you email the Invoice.


Here's the steps on this:


To create the PDF; see this Microsoft Office article; Save or convert to PDF or XPS


To edit your Email Defaults; see this MYOB Wiki page: Set the default email subject lines and messages


To send the PDF with your Invoice:

  1. Open the Invoice.
  2. Click Send To
  3. Click Email
  4. Attach your PDF to send with the Invoice to your Customer:


Small note: This is per-invoice and needs to be done on the Invoice screen itself, cannot be sent from Print/Email Invoices.



2. Link to a web-page or web-document for T's & C's:


It's becoming increasingly common to have a Web Page or Web-Document containing the T's & C's which is referred to when signing up to a Product online. It'll ask me to click a link to check out the T's & C's. 


So replicating that behaviour in AccountRight would be:


Web Document:

If you have your own Web-Server, host it there and grab a good URL to use pointing to that Doc.


Such as: www.mywebsite.com/termsandconditions.pdf


Then edit your Email Defaults in AccountRight to point to the online Web Document. Say something along the lines of "Thanks for the purchase! We do hope you love it. Please also remember to check out our Terms and Conditions which you can find here: [Enter URL]"


To edit your Email Defaults; see this MYOB Wiki page: Set the default email subject lines and messages


This will then send automatically, even when you bulk-email using Print/Email Invoices and will show a URL when you print them too.


Web Page:

Process is basically identical to Web Document, just grab the URL and edit the your Email Defaults.



3. Add a Signature in Outlook:


As AR uses outlook to send the Invoices (If you're not using Online Emailing), you could set up a default Signature that sends out that includes the Terms and conditions.


How I'd set it up is:

  1. Clear your Email Defaults in AR.
  2. Go to Outlook and create a new blank message with no Sender
  3. Write your T's & C's as needed here and add your own "Kind Regards" part at the bottom.
  4. Select all content and copy it (Ctrl + C)
  5. Go to Outlook -> File -> Options -> Mail -> Signatures
  6. Create a new Signature and paste this as the body
  7. Save it with the name "Terms" or something you'd like
  8. Set it as the Default Signature to use when sending emails


Now whenever you email the Invoices from Outlook at all, it will use that Signature.


Small notes: This is per-computer and it does use it for ALL outgoing emails so sending Payslips can get awkward for your Employees but it's perfect for some workstations that are used ONLY for Sales.



I do hope I've given some good options here. I personally use the second option myself and I believe MYOB do the same (See this for example).


Please give us a shout if you have any questions on this!



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