Part orders received on multiple supplier invoices

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Part orders received on multiple supplier invoices

I have a purchase order for multiple items with varying quantities raised to a single supplier. The items will be supplied on different dates. For example:


Order quantity = 10 pieces.

Locations = 5 in Victoria, 3 in NSW and 2 from Europe.


I receive 5 from VIC next day, 3 from NSW in 2 days and 2 from Europe in 14 days.


With each delivery I receive an invoice from my supplier for the items despatched. Therefore I will receive 3 invoices.


Obviously I need to receipt these parts into my inventory system when received and also record the invoice for those parts omly.


If I use the Receive Items option I can receive in the first shipment of 5 and record the invoice for 5 but when I try to do the same for the second shipment of 3 it adds the first shipment to the second and creates a single invoice.


If I use 'BILL' via the purchase register and adjust the non-supplied items into the backorder column and hit the record button it still accepts everything in and creates a credit account record for the full value of the order.


Am I missing something?

Is there a button in setup I missed?

Is AccountRight actually capable of doing what I would have thought is an industry standard process?


To cheat the software I issue the sales invoices as normal to my customer which obviously puts my stock into a negative amount until I can process individual stock receipts and invoices.


Downside..........the pile of invoices is increasing daily!


If MYOB can't perform this task in it's software, thank fully I am on a 45 day trial, I will be forced to use alternative software so any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Thanks in advance folks.





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Re: Part orders received on multiple supplier invoices

Hello @Bella_Marine 


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum. I hope you find it to be a useful resource.


Since you are receiving a bill with each item receipt, you don't need to use receive items. Receive items would only need to be used when you receive an item without a bill.


First record a purchase order, for the full amount that you've ordered, when the order is raised. You'll need to make sure this is recorded as a order and not a bill.

When you receive some of the items you can open the order and click bill. In the bill that comes up type the number of items that you are still waiting on in the backorder column. Also change the quantity in the bill column to show only items that you are being billed for today. This will record a bill for only what you've received, it will put only that amount in inventory and leave the rest on backorder.

Kind Regards

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Re: Part orders received on multiple supplier invoices

Thank you very much for your reply Liam


I have processed the transactions this morning according to your post..


Processed inventory received, supplier invoices and created customer sales invoice. Transaction items have been checked through the system and all is recorded where it should be.






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