Price Changed by itself on invoice

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Price Changed by itself on invoice

Running version 2019.2.0

on most parts I have price set up as inclusive of GST, however on one part I notice the price change.

the price is set up as $18, with the include GST box not ticked. so final price was $19.80 inclusive of GST.

this was fine, and I took payment for the $19.80, but when it printed the final price was $18 inclusive and showed and $1.80 credit on the invoice. confused I apologised to the customer and returned his credit.

not until I processed the same part again today that I realised what was going on. However today the invoice printed as $19.80.


I am guessing this is another glitch of 2019.2.0 (as I am constantly losing formatting of my invoices and needing to restart).

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