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Print Packing slip only - Account right 2019.2

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Print Packing slip only - Account right 2019.2


Can someone tell me how to Print Packing slip only  - Account right 2019.2.

I dont want to print both sales invoice and packing slip.

Previously, on Enterprise version, if I only want to print packing slip;

1. When I click print on invoice, I cancel the print of invoice

2. Another window for packing slip pops up, and I can still print it


Now, if I cancel the print invoice, no other window of packing slip pops up.


Please advise



MYOB Moderator Neil_M
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Re: Print Packing slip only - Account right 2019.2

Hi @Thierry888 


If you were wanting to print just a packing slip, then you can do so in AccountRight 201X through the Print / Email Invoices window. Under the Sales type dropdown there are options for packing slips for the different types of sales. This will allow you to print just a packing slip of the sale without printing an invoice


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Re: Print Packing slip only - Account right 2019.2

Hi Neil

I am aware this is how you print out packing slips now - but it is a real pain for my customer who has just upgraded from v19.5 to 2019.2 - as they print out packing slips and email out the invoices (as I'm sure loads of other customers now do).

So they have to set the Delivery status for each Invoice to to be Printed and Emailed (even although they really only want it set to To be Emailed only option).


This is so that when they go into the Print/ Email invoices option - these invoices will show up for them to print the packing slips out.

However, when they Print the packing slip (from the Print/Email invoices option) - the invoice still stays on the To be printed list.  So they then at the end of the day have to go and select all the invoices that is on that list that they have printed packing slips for and reprint them all out as invoices to get them removed from the To be Printed list.


It also means that if they need to reprint out a packing slip - they can't just go into the invoice (as they used to do) and print a packing slip from there - they have to cumbersomely go into this Print/Email invoices option and then go into advanced screen to manually select their invoice.  This is just a pain.  Why can't they print an invoice using a packing slip layout from the actual invoice (as they used to do)?

I would appreciate your comment on this and request that the original option of them being able to print the Packing slip from within the invoice itself please be reinstated.


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Re: Print Packing slip only - Account right 2019.2

Completely agree with Christine_Young, this packing slip debarcle has taken a simple process and made it difficult! I am so dissappointed that such a little feature has been excluded from what it supposed to be the best accounting system. I would hesitate to recommend MYOB to anyone!

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