Printing job transactions

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Printing job transactions

When I search in find transactions under job then advanced search by supplier, a list comes up, which is great - but then when I select print , there is nothing to print - no information to display.

Please advise how I can get the list to print.

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Re: Printing job transactions

Hi @Jenny2 


When you have gone into that advanced search, I assume you have entered the supplier's name in as the Memo/Payee?




In my testing, entering that supplier name (or other another record) in the Memo/Payee will check all records for that entered information. For example, say you have a customer called "Cash Customer" and a supplier called "Cash Supplier" then if you search "Cash" you will get transactions for both. If you only wanted the supplier ones you would need to enter "Cash S". Basically, it is a wildcard search


Now in terms of printing, when you select Print on the Find Transaction: Job window it produces the Job Transactions [Accrual] report with the necessary filters already pre-filled. The Memo/Payee filter on this report is actually an exact filter. So if you are needing to see all the purchases a supplier you would need to enter the exact memo of that transaction(s) i.e. "Purchase; <<supplier name>>". As you are just entering the supplier's name in the Find Transactions it is not populating the report as its looking for transactions with the memo "<<supplier name>>" not the format of the memo, which for purchases would be "Purchase; <<supplier name>>" by default.

Looking at it I do see three options for yourself

  • Instead of entering the supplier's name in the Find Transactions Advance Filters, search by the memo of the transaction(s) i.e. "Purchase; <<supplier name>>" This will populate the Find Transactions Job window for those transactions with the exact filtering so when printing it will pull those transactions. Do note that if a transaction does have a different memo format it will not appear in that Find transactions window/report.

  • Run the Find Transactions Job with the filter that you do require and select Print. On the generated Job Transactions [Accrual] report you would go to Filters>>Additional Filters>>Transactions>>Memo/Payee and enter the exacting memo of the transactions that you wish to print.

  • Run the Reports>>Jobs>>Job Transactions [Accrual] directly, select Filters>>Additional Filters>>Cards and then select the desired card(s) before selecting Run Report. This would be my recommended method if you did want to print those transactions.

Kind regards,

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