Purchase Orders Missing Data

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Purchase Orders Missing Data

HI Again,

We have noticed that on our printed Purchase orders that although the data is in the cards, it is randomly not displaying data. I have attached a correct one, a missing one and what we have to do (hand write) to sent them out to customers or that will not arrive. This is unprofessional and needs to be sorted.


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Re: Purchase Orders Missing Data



Check there isn't a blank line after the address in the address box.


It might be a cause the address box on the form you are using, isn't big enough to display 4 lines and with the blank line (line 3) its forcing the suburb / postcode / state down one line.

Just go to the card for Bellevue Group and see if there is a blank line after PO Box 258

If there just backspace until the cursor is at the end of the line with PO Box 258


or edit the Order Form and make address field larger to allow for 4/5 lines.

I have this issue have moved across from v19.  I am needing to edit a number of card to remove the blank line to have the address formated correctly on Sales Invoices & Supplier Orders.


@Steven_M can you add to list of annoying features  the  developers have added to AR.  Please ask them to have blank lines in the address box stripped when printing orders / invoices etc.  This is a great example of what worked in v19 that is broken in AR.


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