Purchase orders missing

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Purchase orders missing


I am new to MYOB. Appreciate if anyone can help.

I know we can set to retain PO if we tick "Retain Original PO # when changing a purchase between quotes, orders or bills". In our system, this option is ticked. However, we found that most of our original PO 'disappear'.


Example: someone created a PO #5978 to order 60 of X. This order was fulfilled in 3 deliveries.

When my colleague received the first delivery of 10 and changed this into a bill (invoice), a new PO was created #5993 and now I couldn't find the backorders of 50 X. What should I do? I have checked the journals, and found there was a reversal entry of PO 5978 when the 10 X was received in the system.


This has created a lot of confusion to us. Could someone please help? Thank you.


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