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Re: Purchase Order Data Fields

Once more question. When I insert my logo into the form template the background goes black

when it should be white.  Any ideas why?


It should look like the attached but it has a black background when inserted.

Allwood Logo - Jamie.png
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Re: Purchase Order Data Fields



A black background on an inserted image means that there is actually no background on the image. Different programs handle the lack of a background in different ways but most of them will add a colour of some description, typically white or black. This can give a false impression that there is a background there when there isn’t.


In terms of getting around this there are two ways that I know of, which don’t involve a lot of messing around with graphics. The first would be to reach back out to whoever designed your logo and ask them if they could supply you with a copy of the logo on a white background.


Alternatively, if you open the logo in a program that looks like it has a white background, or even the posted image on the forum itself, you can use the Windows Snipping tool. This tool allows you to take a snip, basically draw a box around something like the logo and capture everything on the screen within that box. You can save this snip as an image and insert that into the customized form. As this would now have a white background in the image it should flow through to the form with a white background


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