Recurring Transaction

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Recurring Transaction

In version 19 we were able to set up recurring transactions and leave the amount tab blank. On using the recurring we could then enter amounts in the lines that we wanted to and MYOB would only post those lines. Lines whose amounts stayed blank were not posted.


In the new version of MYOB the amounts cannot be left blank. if you delete this then $0.00 is automatically entered into this tab and then when the transaction is posted all the $0.00 are also posted, leaving the GL full of $0.00's.


Is there a way that we can replicate what we did in the old myob (V19)? This would save us a lot of time. As is, we are finding processing in the new version way slower than the old version.

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Re: Recurring Transaction

Hi @CraigGP


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AccountRight 2017 will treat all lines entered on a transaction as a transactional line and therefore it would require an account/item/activity to selected for that line. As it's been treated as a transactional line when recording it if no value is entered a $0.00 amount will be shown for that particular line. If you do wish to enter a non-transactional line i.e. a description only line you would need to indicate to AccountRight that is is a non-transactional line. This can be done by going Edit>>Insert Blank line. Note: you can only insert blank lines for Sale and Purchase based transactions.


In terms of recurring transactions, if you do have a transaction that you need to set up to be recurring it would need to include the transactional lines associated with that particular transaction. Additional transactional lines that are included in the transaction that are not required would need to be deleted prior to recording, otherwise, $0.00 values will be shown for those lines.

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