Recurring transaction Jornals

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Recurring transaction Jornals



See below screen shot of a couple of recurring trasactions I have set up for jornals. 

See the second entry is set at monthly frequecy but the next due date is incorrect. Why is this? 


Also, any recurring PO's that fall on days that MYOB isn't open, dont get recorded. E.g. i have several set for the last day of the month. If this happens to fall on a weekend and MYOB isn't opened, it will record in the following month. This is very annoying as they all need to be changed and won't show up if I havn't widened the date range. 


Is there any way to fix either of these issues?  



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Re: Recurring transaction Jornals



Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find plenty of useful information.


The reason the dates don't match is the same reason that the transactions are not recorded if the program is not open.

Recurring Transaction rely on the date you opened the data file, so if you do not open the data file on a particular day MYOB thinks that day has never happened.

So looking at the 2nd transaction on your list the last time you opened the data file and recorded the ransaction was 1/2/18 but because the data file has not opened on any of the due dates since it is now saying that the next due date is 9/5/18.

When using Recurring Transaction you need to open the data file every day otherwise you need to use the frequency accordingly. Try making sure that instead of monthly you use weekly multiples e.g every 4 weeks, or as a lot of people do make the recurring frequency "never" and use the To Do List contact alerts to remind you to process the payment.


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