Recurring transaction - delete lines

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Recurring transaction - delete lines

I've tried to search this but couldn't see anything.


I have a recurring transaction set up in "Spend Money".  It's for an expense we incur each month, however, each month the expense allocations can be different.  Sometimes I debit one expense account, the next month I might have 20 expense accounts to debit.


How do I delete the expense lines that I don't have an amount for?  In most windows I can right click and get the option to insert or delete lines but I can't seem to do it in Spend Money.


Please help - I'd like my transaction to show only the expenses that incurred a cost and not zero amounts.



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Re: Recurring transaction - delete lines

Hi @starmeadow


The delete line function doesn't appear to be working in spend money.  A slow way around this is click in the account number hit delete and then click in name and that line should go.

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