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Remittance advice for suppliers, could not print in a batch

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Remittance advice for suppliers, could not print in a batch

Hi, I am trying to print a summarised remittance advice for a supplier, we paid several invoices on the same day, we made individual payment for each invoices. 


When I try to print them on the same remittance advice, instead they pop up a page for each single one of them.


Can I print them in the same page or it just simple cannot be done?


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Re: Remittance advice for suppliers, could not print in a batch

Hi @carnivaly,


In AccountRight 20xx.x the Printing function treats each line as separate items to print in the Printer Queue and will print them as separate pages by default.


However, we have had another Forum User develop a workaround for now to have multiple items print as 1 batch job using PDF software. Their comment can be found on this thread: Print multiple forms as one print job 


To save you hunting it down, here is their comment:


@Stuckster wrote:

This was also frustrating us. Fortunately we found a relatively easy workaround until MYOB fixes it.


Most companies have a need to review monthly invoices before sending out to customers and this is usually done by someone who is not sitting in front of MYOB. We used to be able to print all invoices as a single pdf for easy emailing or printing, but this is no longer possible in AccountRight.


Here's the workaround (for PC) using free software called PDF Creator.


Once you have correctly installed PDF Creator...


1. In MYOB select all invoices for printing and click Print

2. Select PDF Creator as the printer and click Print

3. A PDF dialogue box will open. Click "Wait - Collect" to open the print queue.

4. You will see each individual document loading into the print queue.

5. Once they have finished loading, click Document > Combine All

6. Wait a few seconds for PDF Creator to combine them into one pdf.

7. Click on Documents > Print


That's it! Hope it helps.



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